7th Blog: Primark Haul.

Hi everyone I hoped you all like my video but I think I’ll stick to blog posts for now. So this blog post is my Primark haul, since I went shopping at the weekend so why not show you all what I bought and if you don’t have Primark in your country it basically is a clothing store that sells cheap clothes, shoes, home things e.t.c. Let’s go!

The first thing I bought was a pair of slipper socks that are really soft inside and are Koalas, there super comfy and since it’s getting closer to the cold snowy days I need some cozy feet warmies and they were £3.50



The next thing that was in my basket is continuing with my comfy collection are a pair of pj bottoms that are like leggings but are so soft and comfy I am literally living in them and let me tell you I am probably wearing them as you read this and they were only £5 they also have a little silk feel ribbon tie if you want them tighter.



Next is a comfy jumper that has a blown up picture of a French Bulldog, it’s so warm and comfy and if you want you can layer it maybe with a shirt with a collar underneath and it was £7 reduced so there may not be many left.



Almost done two more things, so next is a plain black t-shirt, not much to say about it really apart from me probably layering it up with again a shirt or a strap on collar and it was only £3 which is a bargain.


The last thing is a black purse with a gold heart design on it. I bought this because my old purse was just too small and it was only £2 which is really cheap so I was very happy with that.



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please can you help me with some new post ideas and I will love you to the moon and back. 

Bye xxx


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