6th Blog: Glossy Box.

Hello a few days ago I got my first Glossy box and I thought I’d tell you all about it.


So the first thing I saw was a sample of Katy Perry’s new perfume killer queen and it smells amazing I am literally in love with it. If you were here I would let you smell it!


The next thing I got was JvG soft touch eyeliner, it’s really soft on your eye and it’s really easy to draw across which is what I like in an eyeliner so I’m really happy with it.


Another thing I got was an anti- blemish gel which I haven’t used yet since I haven’t got any Blemishes so yeah that wasn’t much use to me but here’s what it looks like.



Next I got two NYC in a color minute times square I got a normal sized red color and a silver decorative nail varnish they both dry really quickly on the bottle it say 60 seconds but I didn’t count.



The next thing I got out was a Beauty UK posh pout lip crayon in a really pretty pink I tried it on and it adds a little tint to your lips but not much but it is really nice, even though it doesn’t smell the nicest.



My final gift was a little throw in treat sort of thing which was a compact mirror which was advertising Gabrielle Aplins new album English Rain and it was a lovely little throw in.



All in all it was a nice little treat for myself but I don’t think I’ll be getting one every month.

Bye Love ya!



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