Third blog: 30 things in my bedroom

First of all I’m really sorry I didn’t blog last Friday me and my mum had to make a last minute trip to Ireland for her uncles funeral.

So today I am going to be showing you some things in my bedroom, the cosy place of witch I sleep!

Let’s go!!!

My new mirrors form Ikea. 4 pack £8.

One Direction pillow Home Bargains £6.99. Love Heart pillow Tesco £NotSure.

Boo pillow Ikea added Boo my self £NotSure.

Left to right. Nursery picture of me in a 1D frame, me and 3 friends when we went to London, me in my last year of primary school, me and my brother and my when I was a baby sat in the garden.

Pack of 2 Ikea boxes.

Shelf of teddies.

Vanilla scent from Primark £1.

Very messy shoes but there not all my shoes.

Vanilla scent from Primark £1.

Drawers that are under my with my make up and body lotions etc.

A little clock with a princess on it that had my name on!

Little figure form happy meals apart form the hedgehog I dunno where I found him.

A little dolly house my mum had from when she was a little girl.

Another little house my neighbor got me when I was born.

My Ipod touch and nano with a lovely lockscreen of One Direction.

My TV.

Little snow globes, left to right, form Chicago, from school, form Tesco, from one of my friends.

A small bottle of glitter with a monkey sticker.

Some of my medals that I could find.

My 3 messy hooks behind my door.

Me in London.

Some of my One Direction posters.

My 3 favorite films and the Devil Where’s Prada but I can’t find the DVD.

My Pudsey ears.

A not very tidy One Direction bed cover.

A tennis ball I wrote my name on, dunno why and a baseball from my holiday in Chicago.

2 boxes of tissues.

2 jewelry boxes.

Some make up and perfume and body lotion etc.

Hair accessories box.

My light but the flower bit broke.

The few  I have from my bedroom.

That’s everything I won’t be able to blog next Friday because I’m going to Ireland but I might post a video or something.

Bye Bye!!!!



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