My second blog: My life!

So this blog is going to be about my life, no not the song by Eminem but what has happened in my life. Almost every year me and my family go to Ireland because we have a house over there in co. Mayo. It’s really nice going over because a lot of my mum’s family live over there so we get to go see them. Even though some people may think Ireland is boring it really isn’t there is so many nice things to see and do (wow I’m sounding like I work for visit Ireland). Image


Now for a sad part of my life. When I was 7 I got really ill in school but my bitchy teacher didn’t believe me, that afternoon my mum took me to the doctors to see what was wrong with me and he said I had asthma (wrong). Then that night I woke up with a really bad pain in my Pancreas so my dad took me to hospital. They did a few tests which came back saying I had Pancreatic Cancer and I would have an operation to remove my pancreas at like 2 in the morning! But then my bladder decided it needed to go to the toilet so the doctors told me to go and take a testing pot with me. When I was done the doctor came back and told me it was actually diabetes so I owe a lot to my bladder because if I didn’t go to the toilet I would have had an operation for nothing! Now and then I feel like screaming really loud, having to do 6 injections a day is annoying and having ‘limited’ food (less sweets) Well that’s enough sad stuff next thing that happened in my life…


In 2011 me and my family went to America, we went to Chicago and West Consin Dells is was such a fun holiday and we stayed at our cousins house 1 night, then we went to the mall of America, then we stayed at a place where there was some lodges and a really nice lake. If your from Manchester like I am you’ll know your not meant to swim in lakes because they are very dirty but in America they were clean as ever! Even though lot’s of people say America is full of fatty food it was easy for me to find food that suited my diet kind of thing.


My last day of primary school was really sad everyone cried even my teachers did! After a few days I was well over primary school. When I started high school I made a few friends in the first term and after that loads of people started to come and speak to me. Now I have my BFFs, close friends and just friends it couldn’t be better.


In May me and my family went to Portugal it was so great but for some strange reason my brother didn’t like it I don’t know why though! I met this really cute boy but he was 4 years older than me! CRINGE!!! I actually think Portugal was my favorite holiday because it was so relaxing and not to hot or cold! I will definitely going back.


So far my life has been fun and there is more to come!!!


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